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A Talk Given In Canberra

Last Sunday Ron Cameron gave a very fine talk in the Canberra congregation,sketching the life and religious/theological/moral biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  And introduced

A Talk Given In Canberra 2017-09-02T11:40:47+00:00

90 Years Young!

This year The Christian Community will complete ninety years of being visible and active on the Earth. The founding took place in

90 Years Young! 2017-09-02T11:41:26+00:00

Easter 2012

One of the interesting phenomena of our Time is that the word ‘Christ’ and any form of objective reality about what we

Easter 2012 2017-09-02T11:42:10+00:00

Standing at Peace with the World

As we enter the coldest darkest part of the year many of us might be asking questions about the state of the

Standing at Peace with the World 2017-09-02T11:32:45+00:00


When the first Waldorf schools were founded in Germany there were a number of very inspired people working around Rudolf Steiner and

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In the Canberra Times today there's an article by Tom Reilly about the funeral service of Sandy and Steve Matthews who died

ENOUGH TO STARTLE ANYONE 2017-09-02T11:28:16+00:00

Necessary Freedom

The old argument still goes on – are we human beings living lives that are predestined, and thus predetermined, or are we

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