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Rev. Hartmut Borries
Wk – (09) 525 2305

Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932


Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932

10 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland.

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Rosser Thornley
Tel –  (07) 852 5662


Contemplation by Hartmut:


When we celebrated our St John’s festival last Sunday, we laid out a map of the world in the middle of our circle.  At some point, when moved to do so, each one of us got up and lit a small candle.  We placed it somewhere on the map, where we knew a person in need of prayer.
When we pray we enter the presence of God.  We generate light and this light we share with others in need.  There is a spiritual law that has the power, not only to change our lives, but also society as a whole: blessings need to be shared.
Then these blessings will bear fruit and even multiply.  Keeping them private for ourselves is not an option.  Then they will wither and die away.  The more we become aware of this law and live accordingly, the more abundantly the heavens will be able to share their gifts.
We all have seen how people’s lives have changed.  We are no longer able to travel overseas.  In many countries masks are hiding the features of our countenance.  Imposed regulations and fear make us stay away from one another.  How we are living our lives is changing most dramatically.  Is this what John meant, when he called out to the world to change heart and mind?  He had seen the heavens opening up, had seen the Spirit of God descend upon a human being; he had heard the voice of God bear witness for His Son.  John knew from his own perception, that the heavens had arrived on earth within the human being.  Therefore his urgent call for change!  No longer do we need to stay separate or estranged from the Divine.  The Divine has arrived on earth and can now be found within each one of us.
There is just one challenge: to find Christ within myself, I need to look for Him in the other.  People who look for Christ within themselves will find, more often than not, the other being of light who can so easily be mistaken for Christ.  Lucifer will make us obsessed with ourselves and will therefore lead us astray.  This is one danger on the path of all religious practice – egotism: “I need to be saved to go to heaven”.  Looking for Christ in one another, we will discover that Christ becomes active within.  That is when we are going somewhere – together with one another and with Christ!
“In the midst of a humanity riddled by anxiety and fears, we wish to be a community, alive with inner certainty and faith in Christ’s coming. With Him in our midst – at work in our hearts, we wish to respond to present challenges with surprising imagination and creativeness. May His joy and love touch and transform us. May He give us the courage to be touched, and to reach out, embracing one another as friends.”
(inspired by Luke’s gospel and Emil Bock)

May we find the courage, imagination and inspiration to look for Christ in one another.

With the very best wishes to you all from Hartmut

Latest Updates

Sunday         July  5       Matthew 3: 1 – 12
Sunday         July 12      John 1: 19 – 28
Sunday         July 19      Mark 8: 27 – 37

The Act of Consecration of Man continues daily at 10am.
Thank you for accompanying us when and how you can.
This is one of our responses to the needs of  the earth, and all beings connected with her.

Thank you for your financial support.  Because of your donations, our ongoing work in New Zealand can continue.
Bank details:  The ChristianCommunity Inc
Westpac Branch:  Remuera  Account:  03 0259011273004

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of your life is to give it away.’      Pablo Picasso

BEQUESTS to The Christian Community in your Will provides for ongoing development and life of The Christian Community into the future.
New Zealand is then able to maintain its buildings and the services of priests through endowments from members and friends who have provided for us in this way, from beyond the Threshold of earthly life.  We too can consider providing a legacy in our Will.        Thank you.

Regular Services:

Sunday Communion Service

10am The Act of Consecration of Man

Wednesday Communion Service

10am The Act of Consecration of Man

11.30am Gospel Study – The book of Revelation

Upcoming Program:


Sunday 5th July

11.30am   Talk by Kevin Coffey:  “Universe, Earth and the Human Being:  How can we awaken to, and work with, the mighty intelligence and life in all that surrounds us as we seek to bring increasing light to meet the dark issues of our times ?”

Sunday 12th July

11.30am   In conversation with one another


I am the fire on the hearth that bakes the bread
I am the fire on the altar that consumes the offering
I am the fire in the forge that strengthens the soul
Give me your hatred and I will refine it into compassion
Give me your vengeance and I will forge it into forgiveness
Give me your pride and let it feel the sacrifice.
I am the fire of life
I am the fire of death
I am the fire of love.

By St. Brigit of Iona

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