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Rev. Hartmut Borries
Wk – (09) 525 2305

Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932


Rev. Cheryl Prigg
021 023 20932

10 Rawhiti Road, One Tree Hill, Auckland.

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Rosser Thornley
Tel –  (07) 852 5662


And you, who do say that I am ?
This is one of the most profoundly intimate questions we can ask, or answer.
And there is Peter, with the disciples standing before the Christ Being, being asked this question.  In that moment for Peter, perhaps like a moment when the sun is revealed after a long, cold, dull day, when the clouds finally part and we feel the relief and expansiveness of its light and warmth.  In that moment, Peter realised he was  basking in the presence of the Sun God.
When the disciples were confronted with the painful reality of what was to come, Peter could not bear it.  He wanted to keep this Being, this moment, for himself.

Entirely understandable, entirely small and personal.

When something of the divine is revealed to us, this momentous, perhaps life changing, transformative moment is something we may want to hold on, to keep it, to own it.
In this moment like Peter, we are being entirely small – and mistaken.
Spiritual revelation must be lived, and freely given.  These moments of Grace are future impulses that offer to transform our being.
We are called then to align our words, our thoughts, our feeling life and our actions with this new and greater awareness – by becoming greater than we were.  To reveal and live Christ’s love, light and warmth in all we do, in all we are becoming.

With warm greetings from Cheryl

Latest Updates

Upcoming Program:

10.00am   The Act of Consecration of Man
11.30am    Extended morning tea followed by ‘Life Stories’

5.00pm     Progressive Dinner
You are warmly invited to join us for an evening of great food and scintillating company.  We will begin with main course at 10 Rawhiti Road.  Dessert will be a short walk through the back fence, hosted by Loretto and Helen.
To book, please email
Bookings close Saturday August 8.

Upcoming Gospel Readings:

Sunday  July 26       Mark 8: 27 – 38
Sunday  August 2    Matthew 7: 1 – 14
Sunday August 9     Luke 15:  11 – 32
Sunday August 16   Luke 9:  1 – 17
Sunday August 23   Luke 18: 35 – 43
Sunday August 30   Mark 7:  31 – 37

The Act of Consecration of Man continues daily at 10am.
Thank you for accompanying us when and how you can.
This is one of our responses to the needs of  the earth, and all beings connected with her.

Thank you for your financial support.  Because of your donations, our ongoing work in New Zealand can continue.

Please contact Rosser for our bank details or go on our mailing list (contact Cheryl)

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of your life is to give it away.’      Pablo Picasso

BEQUESTS to The Christian Community in your Will provides for ongoing development and life of The Christian Community into the future.
New Zealand is then able to maintain its buildings and the services of priests through endowments from members and friends who have provided for us in this way, from beyond the Threshold of earthly life.  We too can consider providing a legacy in our Will.        Thank you.

Regular Services:

Sunday Communion Service

10am The Act of Consecration of Man

Wednesday Communion Service

10am The Act of Consecration of Man

11.30am Gospel Study – The book of Revelation

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